Sunday, 4 November 2018



Thanks to Netgalley and Pikko’s House for giving me this book to review.

Ensnared is a sci-fi retelling of Beauty and the Beast which was interesting but it is predictable and an unlikely story, which I felt needed more world building. Both of the main characters had major mental health issues because of their past and I wish these were addressed in some way and I felt that their relationship was not healthy or good for each other as they enablers for the other and were dependant solely on each other.

Alainn is a likeable character who is loyal, protective and stubborn, and Lorccan is a very mysterious genius. The secondary characters were not as fleshed out as Lorccan and Alainn which meant I did not care much about them.

While I enjoyed Ensnared, it did not grab me as much as I had hoped, and I would recommend it to fans of The Mad Scientist’s Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clark.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Storm Watcher


Thanks to Netgalley and Weapenry Co-Op for giving me this book to review.

Storm Watcher is an enjoyable contemporary middle-grade book about overcoming fears and dealing with grief. This book is not like any of Maria’s other books and while it is not my favourite of hers, it still has her brilliant writing style.

Luke is such a sweet and sensitive kid but he is tougher than he first appears as he is determined and very clever. Like all of Maria’s books the relationships in this novel make the story and I especially liked Luke’s with Megan and Lightning.

While not my normal genre of book I still enjoyed Storm Watcher and would recommend it to people who like coming of age middle-grade books.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Throne of Lies


Thanks to Sara Secora for giving me this book to review.

Throne of Lies is an enjoyable fantasy novel which is full of romance, secrets and a mystery. It raised a lot of questions and hardly answered ant of them and the relationships between the characters seemed to establish very quickly. The main problem with this book is the pacing as the first half of the story could have easily been told in half the pages, and it really drags the story.

Amethysta is self-centred and a dreamer who longs to have control over her own life. Soren is the pretty standard hero, perfect, brave and protective, but I wished that there was more depth to him. Ark is mysterious and a bitter character but who grows to be a kinder than he first seems.

I liked Throne of Lies and I would recommend it to fans of Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson and the Stolen Royals series by Kelsey Keating.

Monday, 22 October 2018



Thanks to Netgalley and Orion Publishing Group for giving me this book to review.

Skyward is an excellent new sci-fi book from Brandon Sanderson. It is a little slow paced but that led to great world building and character growth. While I really enjoyed this book, it did not read like Sanderson’s other works, but that did not stop it from being and action-packed book, full of unexpected twists and a mystery which will keep you guessing.

Spensa is a determined, rash and angry teen who is always putting on a front by acting like a hero from old stories to hide the fact that she feels like a complete outsider and wants to prove herself to everyone. M-Bot is cheeky and arrogant character while also being apprehensive and I really liked him, although while reading I felt he behaved in a feminine way. I liked all of the characters, especially Skyward Flight team, as there was so much character development and the banter maked me understand and root for them.

This book is really good and I hope there is a sequel as there is so much more to discover in this universe. I would recommend Skyward to people who like Sanderson’s other books or to fans of good sci-fi novels.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Light Tripper


Thanks to Jo-Anne Tomlinson for giving me this book to review.

Light Tripper is a fun new adult sci-fi space opera full of action, betrayals and romance. It was a little slow to start but once the story started getting into the swing of it, I was hooked. I loved the twists in this book as I did not see most of them coming, and the characters were interesting and really engaging. I really liked that the story did not have any added drama for the sake of drama, which meant I could connect to the story.

Sal is a likeable character who is adaptable, witty and practical and despite her unusual upbringing she is a good person who truly cares. Raijin is a very loyal and diligent character who is rather mysterious about who he is. Morgan is another interesting character as he obviously cares and loves Sal but not enough to give up his addiction.

I really liked this book and I hope there is more stories in this universe. I would recommend Light Tripper to fans of Tomlinson’s other books and whose who are a fan of sci-fi novels.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Kingdom of Ashes


Thanks to Elena May for giving me this book to review.

Kingdom of Ashes is a really good paranormal dystopian novel which is fast paced and raised good questions about morality and what it is to be human. I love the mix of post-apocalyptic with the gothic paranormal the book has. I also liked that where was not any romance between Myra and any of the vampires in this book as it was refreshing and would have been detrimental to the story.

Myra is naïve and creative but she is also very self-centred which did not make her the most likable main character. Vladimir is cunning and ruthless and I feel we have only just scratched the depths of who he is and what he wants. Tristan is very loyal and big headed, and Armida hides her lack of self-worth with a mask of confidence.

I really enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading Men and Monsters. I would recommend Kingdom of Ashes to fans of Fireblood by Trisha Wolfe and The River Witch by Helena Rookwood

Saturday, 29 September 2018

The Secret of Isian


Thanks to Serena Clarke for giving me this book to review.

The Secret of Isian is the final book in this trilogy and while I really liked this novel, it was my least favourite of the trilogy. Mostly because I did not feel the chemistry between Ander and Rimelda especially compared to the first two books. This book has quests and prophecies but also came across as heavier than the previous books as it deals with deeper issues.

Ander is humble, considerate and brave, who always thinks of others before himself. I was not the biggest fan of Rimelda as even though she is straight-talking and confident while also being secretive, she was just too good at everything which made her come across as smug.

I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading what Serena Clarke writes next. I would recommend The Secret of Isian to fans of the first two books in the series and those who like fairytale like fantasy novels.