Review Policy

I am limiting the amounts of books I am accepting at the moment, so unless you are an author that I have read and liked before I will probably reject you (sorry). I accept review requests in both digital (preferably kindle) and print format in these genres

·        Fantasy
·         Paranormal
·         Dystopia
·         Steampunk

I prefer YA but am happy to read adult, as long as it is not too dark. However, I may reject some books based on whether they interest me and how many books I have got to read and review. I will always give an honest and fair opinion, no matter whether I bought the book, or have been given it to review. For ARC’s I will review the books a month or less for the publication date.

As I am a student I may not review as consistently as I would like, however, I promise to review books as often and regularly as I can. I post my reviews on this blog, Amazon UK, and Goodreads, and I will always give feedback on books I get from Netgalley and Edelweiss. I rate my books differently on Amazon UK compared to Goodreads and my blog as they have a different rating system.

Authors and publicists can email me about reviewing books at

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