Sunday 13 January 2013

Sora's Quest

2 Stars/5

Sora is not happy that her father is marrying her to a stranger, so she plans to run away. However before she can, her father is murdered and she is kidnaped by the assassin and a thief of a thought long extinct magical race called wolfies. However Sora is wearing a Cat’s Eye, a necklace that can protect her, which might help her complete her quest.

This is a YA fantasy book which is usually my favourite type of book but Sora’s Quest was just ok, because of the plot holes you just could not connect to much in this story.

Sora is a very sheltered character who does know much about the outside world, but my main problem with her is that her thoughts make no sense, one second she hates Crash and next she is worrying about his safety. Also after a few days she seems to act like part of the group not a prisoner, which must be one of the quickest cases of Stockholm syndrome, which did not seem realistic.

The main problem with this book is there are no motives for some of their actions. Firstly why does Sora want to go find her mother when she abandoned her, and yet did not care that her father was murdered just because he was distant even though he still looked after her. Secondly she never asks Crash why he killed her father and we never find out, also we don’t know why Crash killed Etienne, Volcrian’s brother. Also there was no reason why they kidnaped Sora as they did not know she had the Cat’s Eye.

The one positive thing about this book is that it is very vivid and imaginative. Also it was nice to see some different races in fantasy books apart from elves, dwarfs etc. Overall Sora’s Quest is an average story that is let down by motives which do not make sense. 

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