Thursday 21 March 2013

Clockwork Prince

5 Stars/5

Tessa Gray has found a home at the Institute with the Shadowhunters but this might not last as the Clave might replace Charlotte as the head of the Institute if they cannot find the magister in a fortnight. Tessa, Will and Jem have to find out about the Magister’s past to understand what he wants and why he hates the Shadowhunters. At the same time Tessa is trying to hate Will after how he treated her on the roof but she is finding it hard to stop her feelings for him, however, at the same time she has grown really close to Jem but will she be able to choose between the two of them.

Clockwork Prince is the amazing second book in the Infernal Devices series with romance, humour action and a well written love triangle. I love the references to what is to come in the Mortal Instruments as it really connects the two series together.

The characters are the same people that we come loved from the last book but they have grown in strength and are even more complex. Thought I normally hate love triangles this book is the exception as I don’t know who I want Tessa to end up with and I don’t know how Clare will resolve it without hurting anyone.

I love this book and cannot wait to see how this series ends with Clockwork Princess. I would recommend Clockwork Prince to readers of Clockwork Angel or the Mortal Instruments series.

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