Wednesday 5 June 2013

Fall of Night

5 Stars/5

Claire has decided to move out of Morganville and go to her dream school MIT; however, it is hard to leave her friends (even Myrnin) but especially her boyfriend, Shane, as things are a bit uncertain since he did not trust her in the last book. She is enrolled in a special advanced program with an ex-Morganville resident Irene Anderson, and together they work on VLAD, a machine which is meant to cancel out a vampire’s abilities. At the same time Shane has travelled to MIT to look out for and be close to Claire, but he does not want to interfere and endanger their rocky relationship. However, after things start to go wrong such as stalkers, mysterious government agents and VLAD not working the way she designed, Claire begins to think that leaving Morganville will be the most dangerous and last mistake she will ever make.

Fall of Night is the penultimate book in the Morganville Vampires series and it is back on form since Bitter Blood with everything I have grown to love from Morganville books (apart from Morganville as, strangely, I did miss it a bit).

I really like Claire and Shane in this book, as they learn about both themselves and each other, and it shows what a strong yet complicated relationship they have. I also liked the new characters introduced in this book but especially Jesse as I think she will have an important role to in the next book. That being said the usual characters where not in this book as much as I would have wanted as we did not see people such as Monica and Amelie, and even Eve, Michael and Myrnin were not in as much I would have liked and I really missed them.

Despite this I really loved Fall of Night and cannot wait to see how Caine ends this series in Daylighters. I would recommend the Morganville series to fans of Vampire Academy, The Mortal Instruments and The Drake Chronicles.

P.S. Thanks Rachel Caine for signing my copy of Fall of Night!

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