Monday 30 June 2014

Tower of Obsidian

2 Stars/5

Thanks to Leia Getty for giving me this book to review.

Kale mac Tadhg and Aoife of Westgate are childhood sweethearts but after a lengthy conflict, Kale is forced to choose his loyalty over his heart and breaks their engagement. However, Kale is then betrayed, taken captive and is ultimately sent on an impossible mission to slay the witch in a tower and free the land from its curse. Both Aoife and Kale’s best friend Aaron set out to rescue him but their journey is not as straight forward as they initially believed. With all their fates tied to the tower’s, will they be able to stop the curse without paying too high a price.

Tower of Obsidian is an ok historical fantasy as it was hard to get into and had a very slow pace, but did pick up a bit towards the end. It had an interesting plot, however, I did find it a bit confusing.

I did not get on well with Kale because he said he loves Aoife but if he did he would have fought a lot harder to stay engaged to her. Aoife is not much better as she is too impulsive and was so obsessed with finding Kale she did not treat her friends very well. I liked Aaron as he was kind and much more chivalrous than his noble friend. My favourite person was Fianait as she was fierce and had the most interesting POV, but about a third of the way through her story just disappeared which was disappointing.

Tower of Obsidian had potential but was let down by slow pacing and characters I found hard to connect to. 

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