Sunday 28 September 2014

Sennar's Mission

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Open Road Integrated Media for giving me this book to review.

Sennar has been sent on a mission to the underworld to get aid for the war, but it is an almost impossible mission as nobody knows how to get there, and how they feel about the overworlders. Nihal is completing her training to become one of the Dragon Knights with the help of her mentor Ido, and she is getting more accepted and gaining more responsibilities. With past secrets being revealed, Nihal is struggling with dealing with her desire for revenge, and her mysterious past may be the key to winning the war.

Sennar’s Mission is the enjoyable sequel to Nihal of the Land of the Wind, which is full of action, fantasy adventure and a developing romance. That being said it definitely felt like a middle book, as it was slower than the last book, and some chapters felt like filler.

Nihal annoyed me less in this book as she seems to have grown up and has become less spoiled, she is a fierce and brave character who is protective of those she cares about. I like Sennar as we get to know him better than we did in the last book, he is really kind, wants to help people and is willing to do anything to stop the war even if it puts him in serious danger.

While I enjoyed this book, it did feel like it was developing the story for the next book, that being said, I am still looking forward to reading it. I would recommend Sennar’s Mission to fans of the first book in the Chronicles of the Overworld, Nihal of the Land of the Wind. 

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