Friday 10 April 2015


1 Star/5

Aster is determined to be free after years of servitude but there are many obstacles standing in her way. With Aster upset at Chase and Ahren, she wants to stand up for what she wants and learn to protect herself. When their plans don’t go as expected, her life and freedom are in even more danger, will Aster be able to truly escape?

I got really annoyed at Elude and had to stop reading at 77%. It wasn’t the writing it was the characters and the way the story was going.

I really did not like Aster in this book.
This is because she says she loves Chase, sleeps with him but then ignores him, flirts with and eventually fools around with Jastin, another guy. If a man did this we readers would hate them but because she is a girl and going through a rough time we are meant to pity her. The reason she ignores him is that she believes he doesn’t trust her because he thinks he can protect her more than she can, but of course he can protect her better as she has only be training for a month and he has been for years.

When she decided that she couldn’t be with someone who loved someone else (hypocrite) she goes back to Chase and he was angry at how she acted, everyone thought he was acting unreasonable. I hope he leaves her (but I doubt he will) and she gets what she deserves.
SPOILER END (sorry rant over)

Reave had so much potential but I could not get into Elude as it really annoyed and infuriated me.

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