Friday 28 August 2015


3 Stars/5

Semara, Ryder and Raeth have been in the rebel ship for 6 months fleeing for an alliance with the European council. Semara wants to discover the truth about her past and to learn more about her gifts. But the trio do not know who to trust and they do not know who will actually help them and not turn them in.

Pendulum was the enjoyable second book in the Neumarian Chronicles, however, I did not find it as captivating as the first book. This book was well written with twists, action and romance.

Semara is less helpless is this book and is learning more about who she is without the influence of the queen and to figure out who to trust. I liked how Raeth was less timid and I enjoyed her romance with Penton with his devotion and smarts. However, Ryder did not inspire me much in this book.

I look forward to reading the next book, Balance as it has a cliff-hanger ending. I would recommend Pendulum to fans of the first book Escapement.

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