Thursday 26 November 2015

Angel of Storms

5 Stars/5

After spending five years living in her new home, Rielle meets the Angel Valhan again and he offers her a chance to live on the home world of the Angels as an artist. When one of his allies abandons her on an empty world, she almost dies but is rescued by the Travellers, people who trade from world to world, and Rielle starts to make a new life for herself. 5 years after leaving his world Tyen is a teacher at an academy for magic, however, he is forced to leave when the Raen, ruler of all the worlds, has come back and has outlawed the teaching of magic. While travelling between worlds trying to find the long searched for answers to restore Vella he meets the Raen and to save his live he makes a deal, Tyen will spy on the rebels and in return the Raen will try and restore Vella to her human form. Are the Angel Valhan and the Raen the same person and if so what is his plans?

Angel of Storms is the brilliant second book in the unique Millennium’s Rule series. This book has really good world building, storytelling and I love the magic and the ability to travel between worlds. The first half of the book was slower than I was expecting but it did pick up in the second half.

Rielle is quiet and creative, and is still na├»ve and wants to please people, but this books shows that she has learnt to make her own decisions and discovers who she is. Tyen is idealistic, likes to discover more knowledge and is clever, he is not a violent person, hates betraying people and wants to protect others. However, unlike most of Canavan’s books I felt the secondary characters were lacking as part from the Raen and Baluka I didn’t really feel like I got to know anyone or care about them. Also I did not feel that Vella was as bigger part of this book as the first one and I missed her a bit.

I am glad that Tyen and Rielle story seem to have more influence on each other’s life’s than the previous book. I cannot wait to read the third and final book in this series Successor’s Son. I would recommend Angel of Storms to fans of the first book in the Millennium’s Rule series Thief’s Magic

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