Saturday 23 January 2016

Shadows of Self

4 Stars/5

We follow the changing lives of lawman Wax, and his sidekick Wayne as they try to adjust to life in the big city, Elendel, after having lived in the roughs for many years.  Wax (and Wayne) now have the blessing of the Constabulary, and Marasi has left her lawyer career and has joined the Constables, mainly as liaison and damage control for Wax and his activities.   Having to deal with terrorism, government corruption and religious discrimination, Wax, Wayne and Marasi are on the hunt for an elusive assassin who is stirring up civil unrest.

Shadows of Self is the sequel of The Alloy of Law and a really good book.  It is a page turner and for the most part unpredictable, but is also complex and I would suggest you read The Alloy of Law first so that this book makes more sense.

I like Wax and especially Wayne as we get to see more about their back stories and they have a good bromance. However I have a sneaky liking for Steris, she is very straight-forward, quite socially awkward and does her best to calculate how to fit into Society, and she seems to genuinely like and want to support Wax.

I thoroughly enjoyed Shadows of Self. There was a bit of a shock revelation at the end that I didn’t see coming and I’m really looking forward to see how Wax deals with this situation.  I would recommend Shadow of Self to people who enjoyed The Alloy or Law and the Mistborn Trilogy or just good fantasy.


  1. I'm a big fan of great fantasy so I'm thinking about checking this out out :D the synopsis sounds great and I love a good twist at the end of novels. Happy reading
    Enchanted by YA

    1. Hi Anna, I really recommend this series, but to understand it better you should start with the first book The Final Empire. I am glad you loved Night Study, unfortunately in the UK it is not out for another month :(