Thursday 30 November 2017

Daughter of the Burning City


Daughter of the Burning City is a really interesting and unique fantasy book which really sucked me into its story. This book is built on the mystery of who is killing Sorina’s family which has lots of twists and while I guessed some, most really surprised me. This book is well written and had very descriptive and good world building, especially considering most of the book was set in Gomorrah. However, there was a plot hole in the book which did make the story feel a bit to unrealistic but it is a very big spoiler so I will not ruin it.

Sorina is determined but also has many insecurities as she feels like she is a freak and that the only people who like her are the family who she created. Luca is mysterious, sarcastic, but not in a mean way, and can come across as a bit innocent despite really understanding how the world, and more importantly people, works. He is very distinctive in many ways, from his dress sense, to his powers, to his personality. I loved Sorina’s family as they were their own people with their own wishes and fears, and after the first 20% of the book I never got them confused with each other.

This a very good book from debut author Amanda Foody and I am really looking forward to reading more of her books and any sequels to Sorina’s story. I would recommend Daughter of the Burning City to fans of unique fantasy books.

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