Saturday 29 September 2018

The Secret of Isian


Thanks to Serena Clarke for giving me this book to review.

The Secret of Isian is the final book in this trilogy and while I really liked this novel, it was my least favourite of the trilogy. Mostly because I did not feel the chemistry between Ander and Rimelda especially compared to the first two books. This book has quests and prophecies but also came across as heavier than the previous books as it deals with deeper issues.

Ander is humble, considerate and brave, who always thinks of others before himself. I was not the biggest fan of Rimelda as even though she is straight-talking and confident while also being secretive, she was just too good at everything which made her come across as smug.

I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading what Serena Clarke writes next. I would recommend The Secret of Isian to fans of the first two books in the series and those who like fairytale like fantasy novels.

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