Friday 13 September 2013


5 Stars/5

After the largest Strigoi the vampire world has seen, St Vladimir school is on high alert with more guardians being brought in and the students and family are spending their winter holidays at a royal ski resort. However, Rose Hathaway has other problems to focus on with her romantic feelings towards her teacher Dimitri, who might be interested in someone else, with her struggling to spend time with her best friend Lissa without her new boyfriend Christian being around and her absent mother turning up out of the blue. However, when some of Rose’s friends get into trouble it is up to Rose and Christian to rescue them before it is too late.

I love the Vampire Academy series and Frostbite as it has a brilliant plot, unique characters, action suspense and romance. What I also like about this book more than the last was how the story was less about the school drama and more mature, it was also interesting to find out about the different history and social rules of the different types of vampires.

I love Mead's ability to make you care about all of the different characters, as I can really empathises and understand them but especially Rose. I also like the tense relationship between Rose and her mother as it is different from most mother/daughter relationships in YA paranormal books. I love the new charming character Adrian as he adds a new dynamic to the group.

I love Frostbite and would recommend these books to fans of paranormal books or very well written YA books. 

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