Monday 30 September 2013


4 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Indie Inked for giving me this book to review.

With darkness spreading over the world, as King Ashan’s growing greed for power; it seems that the light will never return. However, there is a prophecy that when a diamond falls in the north, the god Oron will return and bring the light with him. In Tamamon, princess Kyla and Jethro were best friends and were even born on the same day, but time and Kyla getting engaged to Jethro’s cousin Ashra have created distance between them. But when a star falls next to the city and Kyla and Jethro have unusual reactions to touching it, they discover that they have to set out on a journey into the unknown to find the elements earth, water, air and fire to bring back light to the world.

I really liked Unknown as even though it is a bit predictable, it is a light, addictive YA fantasy book, and I could not put it down until I found out what happened next. Unknown is good as it has adventure, betrayal love and good fantasy world building.

I like Kyla as she is a feisty person who does not want to be a princess instead she wants to escape and have an adventure, I also can sympathise with her struggle to believe in the prophecy and Oron, because of the death of her father and brothers. I also really like Jethro as he acts realistically in his struggles with his feelings for Kyla, while at the same time respecting and not wanting to hurt his cousin. Pearl is really good at writing complex characters such as Ashra and Nikara, but my favourite secondary character is the queen as, while she is weak, she does care about her people and will do anything to protect them, but is still conflicted about how to deal with her daughter.

I will be reading the next book Unseen to find out what happens next to Kyla, Jethro and Ashra, and would recommend Unknown to fans of Slumber by Samantha Young or Broken Aro by Jen Wylie.

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