Monday 28 October 2013

Angel's Blood

3 Stars/5

Elena Deveraux is one of the best guild hunters, a group of people who hunt down rogue vampire for their angel bosses but she has a dark past. Everything changes when she is hired by the Archangel Raphael for her most dangerous job to date, to hunt down an Archangel who has crossed a line and is going on a killing spree. Raphael is fascinated by Elena and wants her as his, but can he risk being with her as it makes him weaker and more human. Elena cannot deny her attraction to Raphael but she does not want to be his play thing to be pushed aside when he is done with her, plus she has to focus on hunting the Archangel that if not stopped could change the world forever.

Angel’s Blood is the first book in the Guild Hunter series and the first book I have read by Singh. It is an enjoyable paranormal romance book but I felt it was not as good as Sherrilyn Kenyon or Jeaniene Frost novels as I could not connect to the story or characters that much. The plot was a bit slow especially in the middle of the book as even though there is a killer on the loose they did not seem to focus much on that and more on the relationship between Elena and Raphael.

Elena is a good paranormal romance heroine as she is feisty and loyal but also vulnerable, but apart from her cool scenting powers I could not connect with her as she seemed very similar to other females in the genre. I had a similar problem with Raphael, as I am getting bored with the very possessive alpha male and even though he is meant to be sexy I just did not find his personality appealing.  Also I found the sex scenes a bit dull as the flirtation between Elena and Raphael was much more interesting and had more chemistry.

Angel’s Blood is an enjoyable read and I would recommend to fans of paranormal romance novels. 

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