Thursday 21 November 2013

The Fiery Heart

5 Stars/5

Sydney has gotten over her prejudices against vampires and is now in a relationship with Adrian. However, things are not going smoothly between them knowing that Jill can see their every moment together and having to hide their relationship from everyone, especially Sydney’s little sister Zoe. However, Sydney wants to get closer to Zoe and try to convince her that the Alchemists are not as perfect as they have been brought up to believe. With Sydney trying to keep so many things secret, such as her magic, and Adrian struggling with his Spirit will they be able to keep their relationship a secret while still enjoying their time together.

The Fiery Heart is the brilliant fourth book in the bloodlines series but is a bit different from the other books as it is from the POV of both Sydney and Adrian, however, this adds much more to the story. This book is really romantic, much more than any other book of Mead’s which I have read, but this did mean that there was less mystery and action but there was enough that it did not feel lacking.

We can really see how much Sydney has changed during this series as in the first book she was much more like Zoe, although a bit more open because of the events of Vampire Academy, but now she thinks much more for herself and does not just want to please her father and the Alchemists. However, this book is much more about Adrian and his struggles with Spirit, and I love seeing inside his head as we get to see how much he loves Sydney and how responsible he has become while still being the Adrian we have grown to love. The romance in this book is amazing and I love seeing Sydney and Adrian as a couple and them both knowing how much they need each other, and mean to each other.

The ending, whilst I knew it was coming, is a massive cliff-hanger and I am not sure how I am going to cope until Silver Shadows comes out. I would recommend The Fiery Heart to people who have enjoyed the rest of this series.

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