Tuesday 12 November 2013


3 Stars/5

Thanks to Mina Khan for giving me this book to review.

25 year old Lynn Hana Alexander is a dragon shapeshifter who does not trust herself or her dragon side since she was unable to save her grandmother. When her best friend’s life is threaten by dangerous fires happening, Lynn is determined not to fail someone she loves again. She has to find out who the arsonist is as she can sense it is a rogue dragon. She suspects Jack, a volunteer fire fighter and farmer who is disliked in the area because of his ancestors, but can she fight her feelings for him to find out the truth?

Wildfire is a good paranormal romance and mystery book, and I like the way the dragons were in this book and I would like to learn more about them. At the beginning I felt a bit lost as it felt I had missed a prequel, especially about her grandmother and Rob. I also felt like the arsonist was too obvious and I was expecting a bigger twist when it came to them.

Lynn is struggling and vulnerable because of the death of her grandmother and does not trust herself, both human and dragon side, but that does not stop her from being strong and trying stop the arson and the fires. I enjoyed the romance but it did not over power the story and the mystery.

I would recommend Wildfire to fans of paranormal mystery books.

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