Monday 27 January 2014


3 Stars/5

Remy has the power to heal people, which is a useful talent when living in a house with her violent, abusive stepfather, Dean. After he goes too far, Remy goes to live with her estranged father and family for a fresh start. There she meets the town’s bad boy Asher, and she is drawn to him, but she finds out that they are enemies as he is a Protector, and Protectors and Healers have been at war for centuries. Even though they can both hurt each other, they cannot stay away from each other. With Remy being different from any other Healer known and with other protectors wanting to kill her, is she able to keep herself save and settle into her new home.

Touched is a nice light book with action and romance. While there are definitely similarities between this book and Twilight, it not a copy just seems to be inspired by it.

Remy is a really strong YA heroine who has been through a lot in her 17 years, but has not been too badly affected, and is really protective of everyone she loves. However, while I like Asher as he was caring and protective of Remy, but I am getting a bit bored of the bad boy with a heart of gold in paranormal books. I really liked Remy’s step-mother and sister, as they could have easily made her feel like an outsider and rejected her, but instead they made her feel safe and part of the family, especially Lucy.

Touched is an enjoyable book which I would recommend to fans of YA paranormal books.

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