Tuesday 15 July 2014

Enchanters' End game

4 Stars/5

The fate of the world depends on one duel. Garion is now the King of Riva, but he knows there will be no peace as long as Torak lives. Garion along with Belgarath and Silk set out to find him. In order to keep Torak’s forces focus away from Garion, and also to keep the peace in the West, Ce’Nedra has gathered her forces and is ready to take on the Angarak’s. With Garion getting close to Torak, he knows he will have to fight him, but how can he possibly win against a God. With the two prophecies converging, which side will win?

Enchanters’ End Game is the final book in the Belgariad and it wraps up everything from the previous books. There are two storylines going on in this book and whilst I liked Ce’Nedra and Pol’s, I was more interested in Garion’s.

Garion is really depressed in this book but is also very determined, and it has been enjoyable watching him grow up. Whilst I like Ce’Nedra more than when we first met her, she doesn’t realise how dangerous and serious war can be, and doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions

This is the end of a really good classic fantasy book and I would recommend Enchanters’ End Game to people who enjoyed the first 4 books and if you have enjoyed this series, I would suggest you read the sequel series, The Malloreon, and the prequel’s Belgarath the Sorcerer, and Polgara the Sorceress. 

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