Wednesday 30 July 2014

Silver Shadows

5 Stars/5

Since Sydney was taken by the Alchemists, she has been kept alone in a dark room for weeks, but when she decides to play the Alchemists game she is taken to a new area of re-education. She struggles not to show what she truly thinks, as she is always being watched and has only the memories of Adrian and her loved ones to comfort her. Adrian is struggling to cope since Sydney was taken and has started drinking again, since there has been no progress on locating where the Alchemists have her. However, Adrian still clings to the hope of finding her, even with people around him at court telling him that she is a lost cause. With both Sydney and Adrian fighting to be together again, will Sydney be able to escape, before she is brainwashed to hate all Moroi and Dhampir including Adrian?

Silver Shadows is the brilliant penultimate book in the Bloodlines series, which was highly anticipated since the massive cliff-hanger at the end of The Fiery Heart. This book has action, suspense and romance, and while the second half of this book was better than the first, it was really addictive as I read it in under a day.

I feel really proud of Sydney in this book as she went through hell and she never gave in, even when everyone around her kept telling her that her beliefs are wrong. Despite the fact that Sydney was the one taken in the last book, I was really worried about how Adrian would cope, and while he struggled to manage, he did eventually pull himself together. While Jill, Eddie and Marcus and the others are in this book, along with some new characters like Duncan and Emma, we did not get much character development of them, as this book is all about Sydney and Adrian.

While this book does not have as big of a cliff-hanger as the last book, two big things happen at the end which make me look forward to see how this series ends in The Ruby Circle. I would recommend Silver Shadows to fans of the first four books in the Bloodlines series.

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