Saturday 13 February 2016

To Serve the King

3 Stars/5

Jenna is coming closer to becoming what she has dreamed of doing, becoming the first Lady Knight in centuries. While the crown and others support her, others do not, including her father, who has disinherited both Jenna and her brother, and many nobles want her locked in the mage towers. With Jenna involved in palace politics and peace talks Jenna may ultimately need to choose where her loyalties lie?

To Serve the King is an enjoyable second book and I did not see some of the story points coming. I found this book very slow paced but there was more world building. The main problem I had with this book is that it seemed that the ultimate story arc for this series changed between To Play the Lady and this book.

Jenna annoyed me in this book as she was easily distracted from whatever task she had at hand, acted before she thought and did not seem willing to fight for what she wanted. I also wasn’t a fan of the romance as I thought she liked Sebastian and he would be the series love interest, but that changed at the beginning of the book and the new love interest came out of nowhere and the age gap felt too big considering Jenna’s age.

Despite the problems I had with this book I did like it, and I am looking forward to reading the next book. I would recommend To Serve the King to fans of the first book To Play the Lady.

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