Monday 20 March 2017

Dragon Trials

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and City Owl Press for giving me this book to review.

Dragon Trails is a fun light fantasy read which is faced paced. It is predictable and needs more world building. Also the timeline is confusing as I could not tell how much time has passed.

Thea is ambitious and braver but also arrogant and stuck up but this is not surprising considering her upbringing. Seb is an endearing and happy positive person who I preferred over Thea as he is more likeable if a bit distractible. Kalax is an energetic and trusting dragon and I hope we get to know her better.

The ending was ab it rushed but I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading Dragon Legends. I would recommend Dragon Trails to fans of fun and light fantasy reads.

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