Tuesday 19 December 2017



Invictus is a very enjoyable YA sci-fi novel which is similar to firefly if it had time travel. It is full of action, adventure, mystery and romances which did not take over the plot. This book is jam-packed with twists and turns and I did not expect the revelation about Eliot at all. I love all of the crew as, while Far is the main character, they all contribute massively to the tone and plot of the story.

Far is confident, sassy and daring but is very protecting and caring of his crew. The three other members of the crew are Gram, who is logical, quiet and intelligent, Imogen, who is fun and sweet, and Priya, who is passionate and resourceful. Eliot is such a mystery as we are not sure if she is trustworthy or not but it is clear that she is hurting.

I really liked this book and am planning on reading more books by Graudin, especially if they are as good as this one. I would recommend Invictus to fans of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and St Mary’s Chronicles by Jodi Taylor.

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