Sunday 10 December 2017

The River Witch


The River Witch is a very enjoyable fantasy novel set in the distant future. It is fast paced and an easy read but it was a bit slow to start and find its story. It has adventure and a story full of mystery which I hope we discover more about in future books. It has a hint of upcoming romance but it could also develop into a good friendship and I am looking forward to finding out.

Tabitha is naïve as she trusts everyone and wants a life full of adventure and magic like the stories her mother told her. Lysander is my favourite as he is conflicted and, unlike Tabitha, mysterious as we do not know much about his past and what his real motives are. I also liked the water sprites Ani, Corida and Bellat as they were childish, excitable and impulsive.

This book is the start of a 13-book series and I am looking forward to reading them, especially the next book The Iron Court. I would recommend The River Witch to those who like the sound of a fantasy novel set in the unique setting of future Britain.

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