Sunday 26 August 2018

Scouts of the Apocalypse


Thanks to Netgalley and Perfect Analogy Publishing for giving me this book to review.

Scouts of the Apocalypse is an enjoyable, fast paced zombie adventure. It was nice seeing how the skills learnt in scouting can be applied in different situations. However, the main thing that bugged me with this book was that, at least in the UK, scouts (and the leaders) are not perfect or goody two shoes, they are cheeky, normal realistic people who are more often than not eccentric and feel like outsiders.

Mike is an OK character but like with most of the people in this book, he was too perfect and good at everything, making me not worry at all that anything was going to happen to him or most of the boys.

All in all, Scouts of the Apocalypse is a decent read and if you like zombie apocalypse books then I would recommend it but if you are interested because of the scouts angle then don’t expect them to be very realistic.

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