Friday 16 November 2018

Nobody's Goddess


Thanks to Netgalley and Patchwork Press for giving me this book to review.

Nobody’s Goddess is a really good YA fantasy novel which is deeper than you might think as it is about choice, freewill and how power can affect how the different genders treat each other. There is a bit of a beauty and the beast theme to this book but there is so much more going on in the story. Well written and with a few twists I did not see coming but I was a fan of the fact that all but one of the questions I had in this book were answered by the end.

Noll is defiant and passionate but also lonely, however, she is also selfish and seems like the person who wants what they cannot have. There was a lot of interesting characters in this story, such as The Lord, Alvilda and Avery but I did not understand Noll’s attraction to Jurij as he was very blah.

I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next two books in this series. I would recommend Nobody’s Goddess to those who want to read a thought-provoking YA fantasy book.

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