Saturday 29 December 2018



Thanks to Netgalley and Hodder & Stoughton for giving me this book to review.

Nightblood is the good final book in the Frostblood saga. It has good pacing and I felt it had more world building than the previous books especially as the gods and goddesses feature even more in this book. However, I felt there should be have been a little less romance drama and more story drama.

I was not a fan of Ruby in this book, I know she was not in complete control of her actions but she never helped herself and seemed to be enjoying causing the drama rather than talking to people and trying to mitigate it. Arcus is still serious and feels responsible for everyone but he did come across as very possessive and I can see why people are not a fan of him. I had the opposite problem with Kai, he was too cocky and blasé when they were trying to save the world and too interested in Ruby romantically when everyone should really be focusing on the main issues.

While I did have problems with all of the drama in this book, I still enjoyed it and I am looking forward to reading what Blake writes next. I would recommend Nightblood to fans of the first two books in the Frostblood Saga.

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