Wednesday 7 November 2012


5 Stars/5

Cinder in a cyborg mechanic living in the cramped city of New Beijing, with her Step-Mother and Step-Sisters. However her life gets more complicated when she gets to know the Handsome Prince Kai and gets involved in finding the cure for the plague. At the same time Kai has to try and talk the Queen of Lunar into peace negotiations however, is she up to something else, and is there more danger from Queen Levana and the Lunar’s than from the plague killing millions of people.

Cinder is a brilliant novel which is a very unique interpretation of the fairy-tale Cinderella. Meyer’s writing style is excellent as you can really tell and see what it is like to be there, in their world.

All the characters whether good or bad, were really believable and the reader can easily feel and understand their actions and emotions. I really like the character of Cinder as she is fairly down to earth but lacks confidence, and I also like how she has all of the elementals of Cinderella but different from how you normally them. Cinder is also different from most YA heroines as her job as a mechanic is not what you would usually expect. I also really enjoyed the mature yet sweet romance between Cinder and Kai and hope to see more in the following books.

I cannot wait to see want Meyer write next as she has to be my favourite debut author of 2012. You should read this novel if you like dystopian books or retellings of fairy tales in a distinctive way.

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