Sunday 18 November 2012


3 Stars/5

In Page, Kelladry has passed her first year in probation and still has to complete 3 more years of page training to become a squire. She still has her friends, Jump the dog, and Crown and her flock of sparrows, along with Neal, Cleon, Roald and the rest. She has gained a new maid, Lalassa, who is a country girl new to the city. She also has to contend with the conservative squires, who wish her to leave.

I like how Kelladry has matured in this book. She looks at the world in a less black and white way, whilst not losing her view of seeing the bright side of everything. You also get to meet a few new characters, and older characters get developed, with Neal falling in love with everyone female.

Even though this is a good novel, I found that the pacing of this book was uneven, there were places where you were feeling rushed, and then places where the pace dragged. I would recommend Page to anyone who has enjoyed Eragon or Ella Enchanted.

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