Tuesday 26 February 2013

Escape from Riddler's Pass

2 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Warner Press for giving me this book to review.

Jesse, Silas and Rae are returning from their failed mission to get the Scorpion Jewel and are on their way to recover Pavel whom they left to recuperate from his injuries. They are still reeling from the revelation that the youth guard are put together and deliberately made to fail, by the king to remove the brightest and bravest young people from the country to stop them plotting to overthrow the king.

Escape from Riddler’s Pass is ok, however is a bit preachy, and tries to convert you to Christianity. This gets annoying after a while, however, if you ignore this it is as good as Quest for Scorpions Jewel.  The pacing is quite good, however neither book seems to have a full ending, with most of the questions raised not being answered.

Jesse and Rae have not significantly changed since Quest for Scorpions Jewel, however we see a change in Silas as he goes to confront those who killed his father, and we get to see more of Pavel.  Pavel comes across as very Christian, and is trying to convert everybody, including the reader.

I felt Escape from Riddle’s Pass was ok, and would recommend it to people who liked Quest for Scorpions Jewel.

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