Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Darkest Minds

4 Stars/5

At the age of 10 Ruby was sent to the rehabilitation camp, Thurmond, along with all the other children who survived the mysterious which killed most of the children in America. However, the children that lived have developed powers which scare the people in power so they send them away. 6 years later Ruby and another child escape Thurmond, but she thinks the people who helped her have other motives, so she runs away from them and meets up with 3 other children who have escaped their own camp and are searching for the East River and the Skip Kid, who is said to help them find their families. However, as Ruby grows closer to the group, she fears that if they discover her secret they will but frightened of her just like everyone else.

The Darkest Minds is a YA dystopian novel set closer to modern day than most in this genre. The Darkest Minds is a really good story with lots of twists and turns which keep you guessing what will happen next. The pacing of this book is ok but I felt it was too long and could have done with 50 to 100 less pages.

I like Liam, Ruby and Chub but my favourite character is Zu as I just want to protect her and keep her safe. However, the main problem with this book is that I found it really hard to connect to any of the characters and I have no idea why.

The story is really enjoyable and I really look forward to reading the next book especially with what happened at the end of this book. I would recommend The Darkest Minds to people who like YA dystopian such as Matched or Crewel. 

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