Thursday 10 April 2014

First Light

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Alexander Frost for giving me this book to review.

In the world of Sindorus colours are considered sinful and if you own or make anything colourful and are found, you would be executed. Idrith is stuck in a life he did not want, being a monk, but when he finds a secret room with a colourful window, it becomes a place he can be himself free from the life he is trapped in. Daen is unlike most women as she is more educated and has more freedom, but with her father’s health failing and her being responsible for the people on the estate, she must take a step with her art that will change her life. Aztar’s military promotion is not as stress free as he thought as he has to find a solution to a problem which could threaten the whole of Sindorus. With these 3 people struggle with their own problems, they find the missing pieces to a puzzle which will unlock their destiny.

Fight Light is a good fantasy book with an interesting and unique idea about how colours are seen as bad which is unusual as it is everywhere in our world. It was a bit slow to start but when you get to know the characters you want to find out what happens next. However, I did not like how the characters never felt like they were in any danger and no matter what, everything would be ok.

I liked Daen as she was kind, would do anything to look after her father and treated equally and never looked down on those that worked for her. I felt really sorry for Idrith as he seemed lonely and has nothing to look forward to in life and would do much to find out the truth and bring colour to his life. I found it hard to connect to Aztar as he would not stand up for himself against his father and did not question the Zah-Riel. There was a romance at the end of the book but it did not seem that them two had any chemistry and there was no build up to it.

I am interested to see what happens next and I would recommend First Light to fans of unique fantasy books. 

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