Tuesday 22 April 2014

Inside Out

4 Stars/5

Inside there are three types of people, the Scrubs who do all the hard and dirty work, the Uppers and the Pop Cops who enforce the rules. Trella is queen of the pipes and as a Scrub has learnt than she should keep her head down and avoid trouble and the Pop Cops. Her only friend Cogon asks her to talk to a new prophet, The Broken Man, who says he has info about the gateway to Outside, hidden in the pipes. Trella follows his instructions just to prove that The Broken Man is a spy for the Pop Cops, however, she unwittingly starts and leads a revolution involving both Scrubs and Uppers.

Inside Out is a really good sci-fi / dystopia story which has lots of action and unexpected twists. I enjoyed how Snyder wrote the Inside, as she made it feel really claustrophobic and you could understand how Trella felt suffocating with the amount of people in one small area.

Trella is a really likeable character as, even though she is not friendly, she drew people to her, however, she was meant to be about 17 years old, using our measurement of time, yet she and other characters, acted older and more mature than a teenager. I really liked Riley as he got on well with everyone Upper or Scrub and was curious about things without being nosy. I loved how the romance in this book was subtle, and although it played a part in the story it did not take over. The secondary characters were all well rounded both the good or bad guys such as Cogon, LC Karla, Logan and Anne-Jade.

Inside Out is a really good book and I would recommend to fans of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

P.S. I love Sheepy

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