Monday 7 April 2014

Poison Dance

4 Stars/5

Thanks to Livia Blackburne for giving me this book to review.

James is one of the best in the assassin’s guild but with the new leader feeling threatened and out to get him, he just wants to find a way out. He finds an opportunity in a troubled dancing girl Thalia who will aid him in exchange for him helping her kill a noble man. With the guild falling apart, will James be able to help Thalia and escape before it is too late.

Poison Dance is a very good prequel novella to Midnight Thief as it gives a great introduction to the people and the fantasy world. This novella has a fast-paced which has an interesting and strong plot which drags you into the story, which is surprising for a short story.

I really liked James as he has learned how to survive and is strong but does not show-off and he keeps his feelings close to his chest. I also liked Thalia as she does not back down and will do anything to kill anyone who hurts her loved ones, but is still vulnerable and wants to be protected.

I did not see the ending coming and this novella makes it hard to wait to read Midnight Thief to see what part James will play in it. I would recommend Poison Dance to fans of the Throne of Glass novellas or those interested in reading Midnight Thief.

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