Friday 7 November 2014

On The Run

3 Stars/5

Thanks to I-Lanaa Twine for giving me this book to review.

3 years ago Jade’s mother disappeared and left a message which changed her and her father’s life forever. Now Jade and her dad have been moving around the country, never staying in one place for long, looking for clues about her mother. However, everything changes for Jade when she meets Derrick and she realises that all she wants is a normal life. But her secrets cannot remain hidden and the past catches up to them, and Jade has to fight to survive as her whole world is destroyed.

On The Run is an enjoyable paranormal/sci-fi book with action, romance and twists. The book felt a bit all over the place and didn’t flow very well, also the first half of the book had a different feel to it compared to the second half.

Jade in some ways was a normal teen with attitude and wanting more in life but is also very different as she is physically strong but emotionally weak as she had to grow up very quickly. While I liked Jade, I could not understand why people kept on falling in love and wanting to look after her really quickly. There are lots of interesting secondary characters such as Keith, the flawed but loving father, Derrick, the good looking boyfriend and Nuption, who is complex and sarcastic.

This is an enjoyable book and I would be interested to see what happens next. I would recommend On The Run to fans of YA paranormal or sci-fi books

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