Tuesday 18 November 2014

The Morrow Secrets

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Sweet Cherry Publishing for giving me this book to review.

Tallitha is bored with her life at Windering Spires and is unable to be the girl that the Grand Morrow wants her to be. Along with her brother Tyaas, she discovers that the family has a secret which could spare her from the responsibility of being the heir. Tallitha goes on an adventure through sinister forests and dangerous caves to find out the truth about her family’s past.

The Morrow Secrets is an enjoyable, creepy, and gothic children’s novel. It was slow especially when the characters were at Winderling Spires, however, it did pick up after they left. I like the illustrations in the book as it was nice to see how the people and creatures were meant to look like.

Tallitha is headstrong, loyal, and protective, however, it was said in the book that she was about 14/15 years old yet she acted much younger than that. All the other characters and creatures were really interesting and eccentric, however, I did get annoyed at Tyaas, Tallitha’s younger brother.

I predicted a lot of the twists in this book but it was still an enjoyable book. I would recommend The Morrow Secrets to fans of gothic fantasy books.  

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