Wednesday 25 March 2015

Crusade for Vengeance

4 Stars/5

Valerie Carter, genetically engineered super soldier turned vengeful rebel, continues her mission to find those responsible for the death of her family and destroy them.  She has the help of her rebel friends and her two protégés, Hanna and Deni, and knows she must eventually return to Olympus and face the might of the Pantheon.  Her one regret is that she might have to fight against those who were once her comrades in arms, the other members of her Legion Company.  Maybe she can persuade them to join her cause?

Crusade for Vengeance is the very good second book in the Dark Vengeance series.   The pace picks up quickly from the beginning and the story is engrossing.  I found this book easier to read than Reason for Vengeance as it focused less on the details and more on the storyline.

Valerie is a driven character and you can empathise with her desire for retribution and her push to change the system of inequality and complacency.  In this book, Hanna, and her friend Deni, have become a surrogate family for Valerie, and as her emotional numbness withdraws, you begin to see that she cares passionately for those she loves.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend Crusade for Vengeance to people who have read Reason for Vengeance and to fans of classic Sci-Fi novels.

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