Tuesday 20 October 2015

Revolution for Vengeance

4 Stars/5

Valerie Carter, genetically engineered super soldier turned vengeful rebel, continues her quest for vengeance for the murder of her family, and finds herself also driven by the need for justice and fairness in their widely unequal society where the privileged make the rules, break the laws and take all of the wealth.  She has her rebel friends at her side and the loyalty of her former comrades in arms to call on as she sets about righting the wrongs of society.

Revolution for Vengeance is the satisfying final book in the Dark Vengeance trilogy.  The pace is fast and engrossing and the conclusion feels right and complete.  Occasionally the fast pace made me need to go back a few pages to pick up on small but relevant details I had skimmed over – my fault for wanting to rush to find out what happens next!

Valerie remains a driven character and very much the main character as I felt that Hanna and Demi were left slightly more in the background in this book.  However, her focus has diverted slightly from pure vengeance, and has become more involved with changing the social inequality that was responsible for the murder of her family, and less about her need for pure vengeance against the person responsible.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend Revolution for Vengeance to people who have read Reason for Vengeance and Crusade for Vengeance and to fans of classic Sci-Fi novels.

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