Friday 6 October 2017



Freeze is a very enjoyable second book in the Midnight Ice series. It is action-packed, romantic and well written. It is fast pace and a nice easy read with a story which was a little bit less predictable than Frost.

Pandora feels betrayed and lonely but instead of giving up she fights to discover the truth about herself and is determined not to let anyone influence her or betray her again. I like the new character Naya as I feel that her story is going to be important and that Pandora will need a friend in the next book. Sam is still an enigma even when we learn more about him, but does he really want what is best for Pandora. Jax is guilt ridden and is torn between his heart and what he believes is right.

I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next one Fracture. I would recommend Freeze to fans of the first book Frost.

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