Sunday 14 January 2018

Lady Midnight


Cassandra Clare is back on top form with Lady Midnight after the disappointing last 3 Mortal Instruments and Clockwork Princess, as I loved this book and it is the best one she has written so far. This book is full of action and mystery with fantastic characters and a heartbreaking romance. I was not expecting the villain to be who they were but thinking back it was obvious and I love when authors are able to do this.

Julian has been unable to have a childhood as he has had to give up everything to be a parent to his siblings, this means that he has grown up being cunning and ruthless when it comes to protecting his family but also that he is responsible, mature, and caring. Emma did not interest me as much as Julian as she felt similar to other characters in the Shadowhunter world, as she is daring, reckless, determined and tough. The rest of the Blackthorn family are interesting and engaging characters who are unique and have their own voices and personalities.

I am a little worried that there may be a love triangle with Julian, Emma and Mark in the next book Lord of Shadows and I really hope this doesn’t happen as I am getting bored of them in Clare’s work and I really like the forbidden love angle of Julian and Emma’s romance. I would recommend Lady Midnight to fans of Cassandra Clare’s other books. 

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