Sunday 13 January 2013

Blood Prophecy

5 Stars/5

Blood Prophecy starts straight after Blood Moon, Solange has been possessed by Viola, the first born daughter in the Drake family, and now Solange is stuck inside Viola Psyche and must find a way to get rid of her and getting her own body back. At the same time Lucy and the Drake’s must convince everyone that Solange is possessed and it is not her who is acting this way. Also, this mysterious Dawn is still at large trying to course conflict between the vampires and the hunters.

This is the final book of the Drake chronicles and unlike the last two books in this series, this is a brilliant book, I love how it ties up the loose ends but still but also leaves the option for more stories in Violet Hill. This book is action packed but also has humour and romance as well.

I can’t say much more about the characters which I have not said before apart from Solange is much less annoying in this book than in the last. Also I do love Lucy and Nicholas they are one of my favourite couples in paranormal books. I really like how we get to see the other couples as well from previous books as it really links the books together. Harvey did a brilliant job with Dawn as I could not predict who it was and was really shocked when I did find out.

One tiny complaint with this book is that it felt like two books reduced into one but as Harvey did say that she was planning on writing 7 instead of six it is understandable. I cannot wait to see what she writes next and hopefully someday soon a spin-off with Lucy or some short stories about the Drake brothers that have been missed. I would recommend Blood Prophecy to people who liked the first 5 books in the Drake Chronicles.

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