Friday 31 March 2017

Stitching Snow


Stitching Snow is an enjoyable sci-fi fairy tale based on Snow White. It has action and a slow build romance, but it is a darker story than I was expecting. It is predictable and needs more world building, also the first half of the book is slow paced but it does pick up during the second half.

Essie is tough, resourceful and lonely, and I liked that she was not girly and is independent. Dane is brave and loyal but he is a bit forgettable as he seemed just like most other YA heroes. I really liked Cusser and Dimwit but I would have liked to get to the other 5 drones better.

I enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading more from Lewis. I would recommend Stitching Snow to fans of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

Wednesday 29 March 2017



Thanks to Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for giving this book to review.

Spindle is a historical fantasy novel set in the 1890’s, which is about the continuation of the sleeping beauty story. It is fast paced and I read late into the night to find out what was happening next. I felt that the story bogged down in the middle with the suffragettes and Briar wavering about using the spindle.

Briar is protective of her family and feels the weight of responsibility on her shoulders for all of the book. Henry is my favourite character but I wish he was in this book more than he was, he is flirty, dependable, helpful and kind.

I enjoyed this book and would recommend this book to fans of unusual fairytale retellings.

Monday 27 March 2017

Blood, Ink & Fire


Thanks to Netgalley and Upturn Publishing for giving me this book to review.

Blood, Ink & Fire is a dystopia novel with a really interesting concept. However, I really struggled with this book for three main reasons; it lacks world building, it pacing as really slow, and uninteresting characters.

Noelle feels like she is different and that she does not fit in anywhere apart from with her best friend John, however, I didn’t care about her or what was happening to her. All of the other characters lacked depth and was not described well, for example I did not realise that John was blind until quite a while after meeting him.

Really interesting story idea but I felt it failed to deliver and I DNF at 25%.

Sunday 26 March 2017

Mindcop Dossiers


Thanks to T A Uner for giving me this book to review.

Doctor Mars

In the early 22nd century, Mars has been terraformed and is inhabited by humans. Liberty Rise is a gifted mutant, who is a member of the Mars Colonial Police Force, and uses her power to manipulate time, to help solve crimes. When a murder investigation involves the scientist Dr Hitzig, it threatens the safety of not just Liberty but all of Mars.

Doctor Mars is an enjoyable sci-fi/paranormal crime novella which has action and a bit of romance. It is fast paced which makes the book seem even shorter but it has a unique concept and a good setting.

All of the characters are strong, distinctive and interesting including the bad guys. Liberty is a very strong female character who is resilient and intelligent and I look forward to seeing more of her.

The ending had something I did not expect and this novella is an enjoyable introduction to the series and I look forward to reading the next book. I would recommend to fans of sci-fi crime short stories.

I, Mars

Liberty Rise is still haunted by the death of her boyfriend Cal. Now Mars Colonial Police Force have another threat to deal with, from their enemy Slow Fly. He has taken control of a mining outpost on Phobos, one of Mars’s moons. However, when Liberty discovers some information about Cal, the stakes become even higher but will she be able to cope with the truth?

I, Mars is the enjoyable sequel to Doctor Mars, and although it is a fairly short story it goes a bit more in-depth than the previous book. This book is well written, has an interesting story, and good world building.

I liked how determined Liberty was, even if it would cost her career, and she is smart but also less reserved than in the last book. There are interesting side characters but I cannot say my favourite without spoiling the book, but I hope there is more of him in the next book. 

This has a great potential to become a really good book series, and I would recommend I, Mars to fans of the first novella, Doctor Mars.

Forever Mars

Forever Mars is an enjoyable sci-fi story which is faced paced. It is predictable but also action packed. There is more world building in this novel compared to the previous ones but I would like it if there was more.

Liberty has good instincts and will do anything to fight for justice. Lok is a new character and he is likeable as he is trying to understand humanity and friendship. However, I am bored with Slow Fly as the baddie now, as I know that Liberty and MCPF will beat him, and I hope in the next book there will be a new villain.

I liked this book and am looking forward to reading the next book. I would recommend Forever Mars to fans of the first two Mindcop Dossiers books.

Saturday 25 March 2017

Dragon Bonds

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and City Owl Press for giving me this book to review.

Dragon Bonds is the enjoyable conclusion to the Return of the Darkening series, which is full action, adventure and friendships. I found this book the most confusing as I was not always sure what was happening, and had no idea how old the main characters are meant to be.

Thea is dedicated, courageous and stubborn as she has been in the previous books but also a bit short-sighted. Seb is adventurous, intelligent and practical but also a nice guy who is pure of heart. I loved the bond between Seb, Thea and Kalax, and how they bring the best out of each other.

I found the ending very rushed and lefty many unanswered questions. I would recommend Dragon Bonds to fans of the first two books, Dragon Trails and Dragon Legends.

Thursday 23 March 2017

Dragon Legends

3 Stars/5

Dragon Legends is the enjoyable sequel to Dragon Trails which is fast paced and full of adventure. Like the first book I found it hard to tell how much time had passed. Also it was annoying how both Thea and Seb are both special and the chosen ones.

Seb s protective and very likeable but is also more cautious in this book; he is also helpful and generous. Thea I felt was all over the place in this book and had lots of mood swings, but she was always loyal even though she struggling with both sides of her life. However, I felt like they behaved younger and more innocent than they actually were.

I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the concluding book Dragon Bonds. I would recommend Dragon Legends to fans of the first book Dragon Trails.

Monday 20 March 2017

Dragon Trials

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and City Owl Press for giving me this book to review.

Dragon Trails is a fun light fantasy read which is faced paced. It is predictable and needs more world building. Also the timeline is confusing as I could not tell how much time has passed.

Thea is ambitious and braver but also arrogant and stuck up but this is not surprising considering her upbringing. Seb is an endearing and happy positive person who I preferred over Thea as he is more likeable if a bit distractible. Kalax is an energetic and trusting dragon and I hope we get to know her better.

The ending was ab it rushed but I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading Dragon Legends. I would recommend Dragon Trails to fans of fun and light fantasy reads.

Sunday 19 March 2017

The Alchemists of Loom

2 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Keymaster Press for giving me this book to review.

The Alchemists of Loom is a steampunk fantasy novel which had the potential to be an interesting and original story but I couldn’t get into it. The book did not explain things very well and was slow paced.

The thing I did not like most about this book is that I did not care about the characters and was not emotionally in what was happening to them. Ari is tough and unlike most main heroines she knows who she is and what she is capable of. Cvareh is mysterious, prideful and loyal. Florence is the nicest of the characters as she is smart and optimistic.

I wanted to like The Alchemists of Loom as I have heard a lot of positive things about Kova’s other series, Air Awakens. However, I could not get on with this book and DNF at 47%.