Thursday 27 June 2013

The Selection

4 Stars/5

17 year old America never wanted to enter The Selection, a competition where 35 girls fight for the hand of Prince Maxon. She is happy with her lower caste, caste 5, family and her secret caste 6 boyfriend Aspen, but her sister, mother and Aspen all want her to enter this opportunity of a life time. However, America’s life changes forever when Aspen breaks up with her and she is chosen as one of The Selection, but life is not as she thought at the palace as Maxon is nice and not boring, and most of the girls are friendly. However, is America able and willing to get over Aspen and be able to have a chance with Prince Maxon?

The Selection is a really good dystopian book which has a hint of fairytales to it. While the plot was a bit predictable it was an enjoyable romantic read with an interesting story.

While I got annoyed at the way in which America always thought that she was ugly even though everyone said she wasn’t, I did like how she would do anything to make sure that The Selection did not change who she is. I also like Maxon, as he is kind and na├»ve and wants to stand up for himself and what he believes in. However, whilst I like the chemistry between America and Maxon, I just could not get on with Aspen but I do not know why.

I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be reading The Elite to see what happens next. I would recommend The Selection to fans of The Hunger Games and Cinder.

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