Sunday 18 August 2013

Arrow of the Mist

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley for giving me this book to review.

Barbed roots are breaking through from the land of Brume, and terror strikes the kingdom of Nemetona. When Lia’s father is poisoned Lia, her grandfather, her cousin Wynn and his best friend Kelven, travel to the forbidden land of Brume to use Lia’s herbal knowledge to find a cure. The further Lia travels into Brume the more she grows in tune with the land and with many ingredients to find and a powerful enemy to defeat, is Lia able to create the cure in time.

Arrow of the Mist is a nice light fantasy book which a good adventure for children and older. However, I felt the book went into too much depth with certain subjects while barely mentioning other important stuff, this means that the book did not flow easily.

I liked Lia, but I felt she and the other characters did not grow in the book, even when she discovers new things about herself, she does not change. Also the romance was a bit bland as it was wrapped up with in the first half of the book and then was not really mentioned again; therefore we did not see the romance expand. I however, liked seeing the different mystical creatures and how this book remained me of classic fantasy novels.

Arrow of the Mist is a nice light read and I would recommend to fans of classic fantasy books for children or YA.

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