Tuesday 17 September 2013

Blood Promise

5 Stars/5

Rose has made the hardest choice of her life and has left her best friend and person she has sworn to protect, to fulfil her promise to hunt down and kill her former lover and teacher, Dimitri, who has been turned into a Strigoi. She has travelled to Russia to find him, and decides the best way to locate him, is to see Dimitri’s family. At St Vladimir’s, Lissa is missing Rose but at the same time is angry at her for choosing Dimitri over her, however is Lissa’s new friend Avery really helping her. With Rose willing to do anything to destroy Dimitri, will she be able to kill the man she loves or will it end up killing her?

Blood Promise is the fourth book in the Vampire Academy series but it is a bit different than the first 3 as it is not really set at the school and it starts of at a slow pace but the middle and end of the book makes up for this. I found it interesting to see the Strigoi world as they seem both very normal and yet evil at the same time and I wish this world was explored a bit more.

Rose is in a really bad place in this book as she has lost both Dimitri and Lissa, and she goes through so much which makes me feel both sorry for her and want to yell at her. However, one thing I missed in this book was the interaction between Rose and Lissa and the rest of the group as just seeing them at St Vladimir’s through Rose’s head is not the same. However, I did Like Adrian in this book as we get to see a different more caring side of him, not just towards Rose but also Jill and Lissa. Another thing I liked is the complex relationship between Strigoi Dimitri and Rose and their weird love/hate relationship.

While this is one of the weaker Vampire Academy books, Blood Promise is still an excellent book and I can’t recommend this series highly enough.

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