Saturday 9 November 2013

The Faerie Guardian

3 Stars/5

It is Guardian in training Violet Fairdale’s job to protect humans and other creatures from dangerous magical beings. All she wants is to be the best guardian in her year, but that is put in jeopardy when a teenage human boy, Nate, follows her through to Creepy Hollow, her home. Now she must return Nate back to his home and make him forget that faeries exist. However, Violet does not find this easy with someone wanting something from Nate’s absent mother, Vi’s unusual powers, evil faeries and Vi having romantic feelings for a human!

The Faerie Guardian is a good YA paranormal book with danger, action and romance. It also has a brilliant twist which really shocked me as I did not see it coming at all. However, I did feel that the story changed in the last part of the book and that it did not have a good conclusion to the story introduced in the main part of the book.

I like Vi as she is strong and knows what she wants in life, but the way she acted against the guild she has always believed in, for a boy she just met, seemed to go against her character. I also liked Nate as he is likable and charming, who uses his humour as a coping mechanism, but my favourite character has to be Ryn.

I liked The Faerie Guardian and would recommend it to people who enjoyed reading the Wings series by Aprilynne Pike.

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