Sunday 19 January 2014

Faery Worlds

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Indie Inked for giving me this book review.

Faery Worlds is an enjoyable collection six books by six different authors about Faery.

Tara Maya – Initiate                                                 *
Dindi is a young woman who dreams of becoming a Tavaedi, but cannot do anything right and prefers spending her time dancing with fairies. Kavio is a power Warrior-dancer who is exiled from his home for a crime he did not commit. I just could not get on with Initiate as I did not care much about what happened to the characters, and the plot was a bit confusing. If you enjoy fantasy books with fairies in, I would recommend Winter Queen by Amber Argyle.

Elle Casey – The Changelings                             ***
Jayne Sparks has always felt something was missing in her life. After running away from her troubled home life with her best friend Tony, they meet up with another group of runaways. Together they are sent to a forest with magical dangers everywhere. The Changelings is an enjoyable paranormal book and it was very fast paced. I liked how Jayne and Tony were just best friends, unlike most other paranormal novels, they were not romantically attracted to each other at all. I would recommend The Changeling to fans of action-filled paranormal books.

J. L. Bryan – Fairy Metal Thunder                         ***
Jason is the guitarist in the Assorted Zebras with his friends, however, they have no gigs and no one has heard of them. That is until Jason follows a thief from his house, and ends up in the world of the fairies. He decides to take some magical instruments for his band, but they are destructive and lead him and his band members into a dangerous chain of events. Fairy Metal Thunder is a light fun paranormal book with some action but does not take itself too seriously. I like the POV of Jason and his struggle to become famous and win the girl of his dreams, but I prefer Aoide’s POV as it was interesting to see more of the fairy world and I felt sorry for her and her band mates. I would recommend Fairy Metal Thunder to people who enjoy light paranormal books with fairies in.

Anthea Sharp – Feyland: The Dark Realm         ****
Jennet is lucky enough to try the prototype of the world most immersive computer game, Feyland. However, she soon figures out that it is not a game, and that part of her soul is trapped in it by the Dark Queen. Jennet must find a person who is better at playing computer games than her to save it and her life. Tam is brilliant at playing games but with his flawed family barely scraping by, he does not want to let Jennet into his life. Will the two of them be able to save not just Jennet’s soul but all of the human world from Feyland? Feyland is a very interesting book which is a mixture of paranormal and sci-fi. I like Jennet and Tam as they are both very relatable, but I preferred Tam as he is so strong from having to look after his family. I would recommend Feyland to fans of unique paranormal books.

Jenna Elizabeth Johnson – Faelorehn               ***
With eyes that change colour and being able to see and hear things which others cannot, Meghan has always been an outcast. With her visions getting worse, Meghan starts to think she is going crazy. That is until she meets Cade, who might have the answers she needs. Faelorehn is a enjoy book which is a quick read with Celtic mythology. I like Meghan and her friends and I felt I could have fit in well in their group. We did not see enough of Cade and I hope we see more of him in the next book. I would recommend Faelorehn to people who like Stolen Away by Alyxandra Harvey.

Alexia Purdy – Ever Shade                                  ***

After seeing two faeries fight, Shade is whisked into the world of faery, where she is caught in the middle of the fight between the good Seelie court and the Unseelie one. Sent on a quest to stop the Unseelie court, with a band of warriors sworn to protect her, is she able to bring peace to the faery world? Ever Shade is an enjoyable paranormal book, which has a fantasy feel about it as even though it is set in modern day, Shade and her friends go on a fantasy type quest. Shade was a bit clueless as she wandered into a forest with a total stranger and did not think twice about it. I would recommend Ever Shade to people who like paranormal books with fantasy elements to them. 

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