Tuesday 16 June 2015

The Blue Moon

3 Stars/5

St John’s, a lonely space-island on the edge of the Asteroid Belt, forbids any contact with the rest of the solar system, but this has never bothered Emmy. That is until on her 19th birthday when The Blue Moon disappears from the sky along with her mother. Now Emmy is desperate to escape St John’s so that she can find someone to help her find her mum. With a sinister leader eyes searching for The Blue Moon, will Emmy, along with some new friends discover the moon’s secret and be able to find it in time.

The Blue Moon was a likeable YA sci-fi adventure which has mystery and is a fun read. However, is was a fairly simple book and I felt that is was written for a younger age group than advertised.

Emmy was a bit of a confusing character because at some points she seemed younger than 19 years old as she seemed very naïve, but at other times much older as she was very responsible and was ok to be living on her own for practically all the time. There are a few secondary characters such as detective Shankar, Kokopelli and Honey Tiger, but I felt we could have gotten to know them better.

This is an enjoyable book but I did feel it was marketed at the wrong age group. I would recommend The Blue Moon to fans of Death on the Empress by Stuart Harper.

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