Thursday 13 July 2017

The Boy with Words


Thanks to C. E. Wilson for giving me this book to review.

The Boys with Words is an enjoyable book with plot twists, especially one major one near the beginning, and mystery. The romance was sweet but I did not enjoy it that much as it was not practical and I was not a fan of how it ended. There was a lot of missing plot points and unanswered questions such as with shade and the dictatorship.

White is inquisitive and stubborn but also can be distant and got frustrated easily. Kes is accepting, nice and rational but he is not very tactful and over protective. Would have liked to learn more about Salt, Pepper and Shade as I felt their stories had unanswered questions.

I felt that the ending was too open-ended and I would have liked it concluded a bit more fully. I would recommend The Boy with Words to fans of C. E. Wilson’s other books.

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